Thursday, 19 April 2007


Thank goodness for the following:
  • This essay is nearly finished (Japan as a Great Power. Grrrrrrrrrooooooooooooaaaaaan).
  • It's pay-day tomorrow.
  • I'm going to Blue King Brown Tonight and going to dance like there's no tomorrow (except, of course, there is, because it's PAY DAY).
  • I'm nearly finished The Book Thief by Markus Zusak and therefore can spend lots of money on books on the weekend.
  • It's nearly the weekend.
  • My students came to my consultation hour today and they showed me pratice exams that were really, really good. Bless. Will be thinking of them tomorrow in their exam.
  • I'm going to make a Quilt. Really. Starting this weekend.
  • I'm going to Melbourne in ONE WEEK, for five days, to: see the girls I went to school with, catch up with my old boss from when I clerked at a big law firm, eat eat eat, drink like a fish, buy beaucoup des clothes (Oh! Review, Kookai, Charlie Brown, Alannah Hill, so many more, yeyeyeyey), catch up with the man that broke my heart (but we're over that and are almost friends now), go to the comedy festival, see some of my bestest friends who live in Melbourne, have a sunday afternoon drinking, not do ANY work or study, sit in all the cafes in Melbourne writing the Great Australian Novel, visit stationary shops, buy shoes, eat on Lygon and Brunswick streets, go out on the town, eat cake, go to the Art Galleries, and just enjoy life. I cannot, cannot wait.

Just thought I'd share all of that with you. Hope your futures all look as bright as mine, S xx


Food Kitty said...

Hi Soph, have a lovely time in Melbourne. we saw Ross Noble at lsast years fest - v. funny in a gentle sort of way. Dinner at Arintje first - best "burger with the lot" in the world.
Earlier this year I read "We Need to talk about Kevin", a book that caused quite a controversy in the US. I only mention this because it wasn't particularly well written, but the subject matter - the exploration of the psychology of school shooters was fascinating. This week I bought Jodie Piccoult's new one, "Nineteen Minutes", exploring the same theme, but I am guessing I will find it better written. It apparently puts forward a legal defense strategy based on elements of PTSD.
Then came Virginia, and its probably not something one needs to read more about, particularly when there is sunshine around. I half expect the publishers to pull it back.
Anyway, may your week be full of good food and good wine. Have fun buying good books too.

Sophie said...

Thanks Kitty, good to see you back in cyberspace! Unsure of what my next read will be: I have a couple put aside and will be getting more on the weekend, but you're right - school shootings aren't top of the priority list on days/ weeks like these. Hope all's well with you, S