Thursday, 5 April 2007

When in doubt, Candy a Rose Petal

Aren't these glorious? This is what my energy has gone into the last couple of days. I have also bought lots of pretty garments from Luminous; ordered a CD from Aroma and been playing assorted music loudly as I ice cupcakes and candy rose petals; thought about which books to read over Easter; and planned a trip to Melbourne. Oh yes, and uni and work feature there too.
There's very little bad in the world that a cupcake can't mitigate.
And rose petals just add to the gorgeousness.
Happy Easter everyone xx S


Nellie said...

beautiful, sophie. I haven't made cupcakes for years now; I wonder if they'd be too girly for my little boy's 1st birthday in May?

You sound v.busy girlie. You remind me of myself around 15 years ago. I was studying law at Tas Uni, busy social life, working, and I was living with cancer too. My mum had non-hodgkins lymphoma and ovarian cancer. She owned a cafe and I took over running it for her so she could have treatment.

Mum's still around (Rita, the old bag blogger), and I got through it all too.

I love reading your online journal; your spirit shines through so brightly.

Much love to you and yours xx

Sophie said...

Thanks so much dear Nellie.

Sometimes you have to take solace and serenity where you can find them: I find them in cupcakes, writing, music, eating, cooking, spending time with children, teaching, and hearing stories like yours and knowing that things are ok for you and Rita. I love reading both your blogs and love that there is honesty and compassion in cyberspace.

I certainly don't think cupcakes are too girly for your boy's birthday, if they're decorated right... perhaps a few little lolly cars or something on top? I've added a few links on the blog that are cupcake related, so maybe you can find some inspiration there.

Take care and hoping you're all well and happy, S xx

Sarah said...

hey soph

can you teach me how to candy rose petals? I'm all intrigued now!


Sophie said...

Hey Sez!

Starting the night before you want to use the rose petals, do the following:
Take your washed and dried rose petals,and brush them with some lightly beaten egg whites. Sprinkle castor sugar on them. Do this on both sides of your rose petal. Then leave to dry overnight.

See you round the law school, S xx