Saturday, 30 June 2007

What's been happening/ Blogging hiatus

Well, I think it's time to wrap up the blog for awhile. I can't quite bring myself to hit the delete button a la Kitty, but I think it's time to hang up the keyboard for awhile. The reasons are many: I need to focus my writing on my creative stuff including some poetry; the cancer news is very very bad (can't get much worse, but some surgery next week may give us a few more months); and I need to spend my time in the kitchen rather than blogging about it!

But let me think, there is other news.
  • We spent last week in Byron Bay, which was sublime: sunshine, whales in the bay, amazing hospitality service, long walks on the beach, reading (cloud atlas: ambitious, amazing; the time-traveller's wife: heartbreaking, beautiful; yoga magazines and the broadsheets every day), and just being.
  • I have finally succumbed to an ipod and am now attempting to convert all my music into itunes-friendly files, it's a nightmare! But I'm sure it will all be worth it.
  • The first-class honours has been confirmed, just waiting to see if it will be upper-first or not, hurrah.
  • Myer had a sale on pleasure state underwear. There goes my savings.
  • I'm postponing my law degree for awhile, to attend to all the things that go with terminal cancer, and to tidy our cupboards and bake. I'm looking forward to some time out.
  • Going out tomorrow for a glam night of drinking, hurrah.
  • Continung to be humbled by the generosity and love shown to us recently. I have eternal gratitude.

Thanks for listening, and I'll be online sometimes, so will continue to post on others sites. All love, S xx

Thursday, 14 June 2007

Where is Kitty?

Where is Kitty? She was here one minute and the next, her blog is gone and replaced with something completely foreign. I'm sad :(

And I tried to post this yesterday, but I don't think it worked? Confusion in cyber-land!

In other news, I am also tired - a mixture of swot vac hell and a very difficult week with the cancer in the house, and not being terribly well with it all. Oh well - TOMORROW I will have my first degree finished, and I will be on a month of holidays, hurrah. For now though, I just need to get through the exam and these assignments (nearly done! At least they've been interesting - one on the 'China threat', and the other on how demographic factors will affect the way the US wages war). I've been enjoying friends being home from overseas and interstate, the Verve remixed box set of CDs, Hobart Bookshop getting me out-of-print books, watching FAR too much Sex and the City, lots of yoga, movies, and teaching. When I'm on holidays, I'll have lots more time to cook so will keep you posted on good recipes to try, etc. In the meantime, take care, and... Kitty come home?? S x