Thursday, 14 June 2007

Where is Kitty?

Where is Kitty? She was here one minute and the next, her blog is gone and replaced with something completely foreign. I'm sad :(

And I tried to post this yesterday, but I don't think it worked? Confusion in cyber-land!

In other news, I am also tired - a mixture of swot vac hell and a very difficult week with the cancer in the house, and not being terribly well with it all. Oh well - TOMORROW I will have my first degree finished, and I will be on a month of holidays, hurrah. For now though, I just need to get through the exam and these assignments (nearly done! At least they've been interesting - one on the 'China threat', and the other on how demographic factors will affect the way the US wages war). I've been enjoying friends being home from overseas and interstate, the Verve remixed box set of CDs, Hobart Bookshop getting me out-of-print books, watching FAR too much Sex and the City, lots of yoga, movies, and teaching. When I'm on holidays, I'll have lots more time to cook so will keep you posted on good recipes to try, etc. In the meantime, take care, and... Kitty come home?? S x


Food Kitty said...

I like the cupcake colours of your text. is that on purpose? Makes me long for some iced little treat.

Like any addiction I had to go cold kitty. I'm in recovery now. Interestingly, pressing the delete button for the blog was one of those rare instances where there was no little message "are you sure?" - it just zoobed off into the cybertrash.
Sadly, I was given the Rage DVD yesterday and stayed up way past my bedtime singing along to tragic, tragic music. How did I ever learn the words to a Kylie song??

Food Kitty said...

PS the gnocci recipe currently on 101 is very good.

Sophie said...

Good to hear from you Kitty. And I can totally understand needing some time away from the blogging scene. Methinks I will have some time out too... I need to focus my writing into things that are truly creative, and I don't have enough time, etc etc. Can't quite bring myself to close it down just yet though. Hope the cold kitty thing is going ok for you and you're all well, much love, S